Rowdy Randy Wild West Show Book Cover

You are invited! Come out for "The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show" Pre-Release Party and meet author Casey Rislov and illustrator Zachary Pullen

Wind City Books in downtown Casper, Wyoming has been such a great supporter of the Rowdy Randy book so it is only fitting that they host our pre-release party! Come to Wind City Books on October 8th from 11am to 1pm to get the first copies of the book available anywhere! You can pre-order signed copies now at Wind City Books or online here.

Rowdy Randy Decal

Show your support of all things LOCAL with a free Rowdy Randy decal sticker!

Want one? Here's how it works... decals are to help promote the your local bookstore (or gift shop) and the new ROWDY RANDY WILD WEST SHOW book. Just take a picture of where you will use it (cooler, car, skateboard, fridge, bike, etc) and post it with #RowdyRandy and also please hashtag your local store name too. Show and share your support for your local bookstore or giftshop by purchasing local and giving your local shop a shout out.

Casey Rislov Prairie Wife in Heels Interview

Casey was recently interviewed by the Prairie Wife in Heels and Drew Kirby on KWYY - My Country 95.5.

It's been an exciting time as Casey Rislov leads up to her fall release of the newest Rowdy Randy Book, "The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show." There is a lot of activity as the release day to the new Rowdy Randy book nears including a new YouTube video which will soon premier on Casey Rislov's YouTube Channel, a new Rowdy Randy sticker decal available at local bookstores and a fantastic interview and write up by the dynamic duo of Prairie Wife in Heels and Drew Kirby on My Country.

The new Rowdy Randy book sequel "Rowdy Randy Wild West Show" is well underway!

Zak's amazing art has been color corrected and we are now in the design stage where we add the words to the art. 

The story itself is still being edited and will be until it is ready to be sent to the printer. Many eyes will look over everything from us to the publisher to outside sources to the printer. This process takes time. 

Donate Rowdy Randy to Wyoming Kids

Casey Rislov will be touring the state of Wyoming and you can help get her books into the hands of local kids.

Casey will visit children at 20 school libraries. During each visit, Casey reads her book, answers questions, and encourages children to be excited about reading and writing. 

Donate Books

Each Rowdy Randy book is $11 and Casey personalizes each book. Each Rowdy Randy book given away will have your business or name prominently displayed inside each book. It is up to you how many books you'd like to donate to the book tour.

Every time a child and their family opens the book, they will see that you or your business cares about their them and support them in their reading journey!