Time Together, Time Well Spent!

Reminds families to slow down when life gets hectic & interact with one another through play.
Time together time well spent childrens book

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Spending time with family and friends is important.

Sometimes our schedules become so hectic we forget to slow down and really interact with one another. Time Together, Time Well Spent reminds us how much fun families can have playing games, building forts, riding bikes, and reading books together.

Sharing these simple joys lets us get to know each other and ourselves more deeply, and often leads to many more fun adventures. Time together really is time well spent!

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Book Quick Facts

Topics Covered: • Family • Unplugging • Play • Fun



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Softcover/Kindle Edition



Suggested Ages

Appropriate for ages 3-6

# of Pages

24 illustrated pages

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Moms Choice Book Award
Los Angeles Bookfest Winner