Imagination Bigger Together

Read this story packed full of creativity and watch as your child is inspired to dream.

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"With lively visual charm and an engaging text, this tale encourages children to explore worlds of their imagining.'"
- Kirkus Reviews

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Once upon a time there were 4 friends- 2 bears, 1 moose, and a bluebird. They stuffed their backpacks and planned their fun through a map they found. They went on boat and a hot air balloon ride, found many strange creatures, and dug for treasure and dinosaur bones.

Each spot on the map had a new adventure…. And it was in their own backyard!

Their friendship brings many stories to tell for a lifetime. And you thought they just brought backpacks.

What would life be without imagination?

You would forget the taste of mud cakes, the touch of colorful gems on a short hike, and the smell of the salty sea as you look for treasure all within your backyard. You would miss seeing your child's smiles and great ideas, or the sound of laughter as he or she finds the new imaginary friend or foe. You would miss out on your child's next adventure play out in your own home. Read this story packed full of creativity and watch as your child is inspired to dream. Each page has a new rhythm of words to go with the adventure.

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Topics Covered: • Imagination • Friends • Adventure • Discovery



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Appropriate for ages 3-6

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32 illustrated pages

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Niea Award
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