Chad Lore's New Rowdy Randy Song

We're excited to announce the release of a brand new song written by Wyoming singer-songwriter Chad Lore, inspired by the delightful children's book series, "Rowdy Randy," written by Wyoming author Casey Rislov and illustrated by Zachary Pullen.

The song is created to help promote the second book in the series, "Rowdy Randy Wild West Show."

"Rowdy Randy Wild West Show" continues the adventures of Rowdy Randy, a spirited western horsefly with a penchant for excitement and adventure. Through Zachary Pullen's vivid illustrations and Casey Rislov's engaging storytelling, children are taken on a wild ride through the Old West, experiencing the thrill of the Rowdy Randy Wild West Show.

Chad Lore's new song captures the essence of Rowdy Randy's adventures, adding a musical dimension to the already vibrant world of the books. The song is a perfect complement to the series, adding an extra layer of fun and excitement for young readers.

To celebrate the release of the new song, we've created a special video featuring Chad Lore's music and highlights from the Rowdy Randy Wild West Show. You can watch the video on YouTube here.

Join us in celebrating the magic of Rowdy Randy and her Wild West Show with Chad Lore's fantastic new song!