Rowdy Randy Wild West Show
Rowdy Randy Returns for a
New Adventure
By Award Winning Author
Casey Rislov
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A New Chapter in the Legend of Rowdy Randy

Rowdy Randy Returns!

The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show

The rumors are true... Rowdy Randy is back!

"The whole world is buzzing about The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show—clap your hands, all four of them, for the legendary horse fly that insects-up to become a rodeo entrepreneur!"

 - Craig Johnson, author of the Walt Longmire series

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Rowdy Randy Wild West Show Debuts

After the success of award-winning Rowdy Randy, the first book in the Rowdy Randy series, Rislov and Wyoming artist Zachary Pullen teamed up again to create The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show.

Rowdy Randy is back, and this time instead of aggravating all the creatures in her path, she’s rounding them up to put on her very own Wild West Show.

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The Popular Rowdy Randy Book Continues to Win Awards

Rowdy Randy, a popular picture book based on the wild west and the legend of 'Rowdy Randy', has continued to win book awards. Some of the recent awards include the Benjamin Franklin Award, the CIPA EVVY Book Award, the National Parenting Product Award, the Buckaroo Book Award, and many more! The book introduces children to the character of Rowdy Randy for a western adventure with beautiful illustrations. Rowdy Randy is the toughest cowgirl around. Never mind that this broncobuster is a horsefly. She acts taller than any tall tale. She might be easy to overlook, but Rowdy Randy definitely can't be ignored. Saddle up and hold on tight for a story that will jangle your spurs and blow your cowboy hat clean off.

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Acclaimed wildlife photographer Ron Hayes & award-winning author Casey Rislov team up for an adorable wildlife picture book called "Let Me Tell You About My Mom".

Acclaimed wildlife photographer and award-winning author team up to show families the daily lives of mama and baby animals of the US western mountains and prairies.

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Listen to the NEW Rowdy Randy Song

We're excited to announce the release of a brand new song written by Wyoming singer-songwriter Chad Lore, inspired by the delightful children's book series, "Rowdy Randy," written by Wyoming author Casey Rislov and illustrated by Zachary Pullen.

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About Casey's Books

Casey has 8 award winning children's books. Rowdy Randy is one of her most popular books and continues to win new book awards. Casey's newest book is the Rowdy Randy Wild West Show, where she once again collaborated with Illustrator Zachary Pullen to bring fans a new wild west adventure featuring the irascible Rowdy Randy!

Casey Rislov also recently teamed up with acclaimed wildlife photographer Ron Hayes for an adorable wildlife picture book for all ages in, "Let Me Tell You About My Mom."

Time Together, Time Well Spent! was her debut book. Love is Forever  has gained international attention as way to teach children about loss and she has created a companion baby book called LOVE to introduce topics of love and connection with others to ages 0-3.

 Come In: Open the Doors to You encourages children to try new things, & Imagination Bigger Together engages kids on topics like friendship & exploration. 

Praise for Casey Rislov

  • "The whole world is buzzing about The Rowdy Randy Wild West Show—clap your hands, all four of them, for the legendary horse fly that insects-up to become a rodeo entrepreneur!"
  • “Children will enjoy the story and readers of all ages will be thrilled by the illustrations. THE ROWDY RANDY WILD WEST SHOW is a hoot!”
  • "This is a fun, adventurous story that is both educational and inspirational."
  • "Packed with action and the unexpected, Rowdy Randy is highly recommended for young buckaroos looking for something different...'"
  • "Offers comfort, hope and inspiration to those who have lost, or are facing the loss of, someone very dear."
  • "It's rare to see a picture book about love that focuses on how to identify acts of love in the world and how to 'pay it forward'"

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