LOVE is a timely and soothing book for the littlest listeners.

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Love will reach ages birth-3 young picture book readers with a gentle lesson on love, and features lovely drawings by Rachael Balsaitis. Parents will want to choose this story as a read-aloud for the very young, recommended for its simple message & heartwarming moments of connection & love.

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LOVE Baby Book by Casey Rislov

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A Sweet Book with Lovely Illustrations: Corinthians Based Verses of LOVE

Love is patient, love is gentle and kind, love celebrates the joys of others.

Based on artwork from her award-winning picture book, Love Is Forever with words inspired by the much-loved and well-known passage from the Bible (1 Corinthians 13:4–8), LOVE is a timely and soothing book for the littlest listeners. A perfect bedtime or anytime way for grownups to snuggle and connect with their own little loves, wrapped up together in the sweet embrace of gentle words and heartwarming illustrations.

LOVE is Casey Rislov’s sixth children's book. Casey was inspired to create a board book for babies and toddlers as a way to give them words and pictures to understand the feeling of love: “I have always been moved by the simple but powerful verses about love from Corinthians. The words are universal and something everyone can relate to. Their simplicity and clarity are what also makes them accessible for even the youngest children.”

LOVE is a sweet and simple way for little ones to feel comforted, reassured, and deeply loved.

“I write books to help children understand the world around them, and I hope that my books also offer a way for little ones and the grownups who love them to connect, slowdown in our fast-paced world, and just be together."

Reading development studies show that reading to children early and often increases early literacy and nurtures social-emotional development. Looking at pictures in books, naming and talking about them, helps children build visual literacy skills, the pre-reading building blocks of literacy.

About the Illustrator

Rachael Balsaitis is a watercolor artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her great loves are animals, especially her own critters, good books, coffee, and rainy days.


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Book Quick Facts

Topics Covered: • Love • Connection • Joy • Giving • Patience • Acceptance



Book Type

Board Book



Suggested Ages

Appropriate for ages 0-3

# of Pages

22 illustrated pages

Year Published


LOVE is a great message to receive & to give!

LOVE is a soothing book for the littlest listeners. A perfect way for grownups to snuggle & connect with their own little loves.