Donate Rowdy Randy to Wyoming Kids

Casey Rislov will be touring the state of Wyoming and you can help get her books into the hands of local kids.

Casey will visit children at 20 school libraries. During each visit, Casey reads her book, answers questions, and encourages children to be excited about reading and writing. 

Donate Books

Each Rowdy Randy book is $11 and Casey personalizes each book. Each Rowdy Randy book given away will have your business or name prominently displayed inside each book. It is up to you how many books you'd like to donate to the book tour.

Every time a child and their family opens the book, they will see that you or your business cares about their them and support them in their reading journey!

"I really enjoy seeing the children on a regular basis. With times like they are now and schools drastically cut back on funds, I think it is even more crucial to be a part of their lives, encouraging those dreams and making literacy fun.  If you would like to meet in person to discuss my cause - please email me back or call me at 267-2772. I really appreciate your time & support."

Casey Rislov 

Donate Books