Casey Rislov shares ways to stay connected

Casey Rislov shares ways to stay connected with loved ones when you can't be together.

Love will make you feel the most. From vulnerable to effortless, love is right there. We are made to weather the struggles and overcome the obstacles and there will be the right people who will be there.  Love can be found from within, above, and around. It will help you find the lightness you seek. We need to remember we hold the keys to keep working through the tough times. Feeling alone can create too much in-our-head thinking, missing, and a great weight of burdens. We must accept the twists and turns of the different doors of life we enter.

This year of 2020 has created new ways to be with loved ones when we cannot. Here are six great ways to stay connected to those you love and keep your doors open of hope, creativity, and togetherness.

Art or Building Project

The first idea to stay connected is to come up with a plan to create an art project or building project and then call one another (Facetime, Zoom, etc.) when you are both done creating. Have a set time to finish the project and take turns talking about what you created. You can talk about what items you used, if it was easy, how long it took, did you run into any problems, what did you learn, and what would you share for tips on recreating. There is creativity being used, new ideas, sharing time and ideas, and there is a bond of doing something together.

Create a Suprise

Second suggestion is to create a card or art project you can send in the mail to brighten that loved one’s day. Surprises are wonderful to give and receive. As you never know that person could do something in return, and it could be back and forth for a while. Many people keep these homemade items as keepsakes to remind them of the love you share together.

Watch a Movie Together

Watching movies seems to be a favorite quiet time when it is with others.  So, for this third idea, watch the same movie on the same night (or afternoon and morning) and then talk about it when it is done. Movies are always joyful to share the experience together. You could talk about what was your favorite parts of the movie, what character made you think the most, and would you want to be a part of that story. Talking about new ideas and perspectives keeps us open to hope and connection.

Play Quizzes & Games Together

Fourth idea is something I have seen on Pinterest. There are many lists of questions you can ask one another or play online games together. Quizzes could be getting to know you questions like what your favorite color, breakfast, outside activity and more. Listen to one another and practice taking turns. Online games have you interacting and still enjoying one another’s company but in the virtual world. Staying connected and playful is important and keeps you heart light and happy.

Goodnight Video Calls

Everyone loves a good bedtime routine. For this fifth idea, engage in a goodnight video call. A fun twist would add in time to read or tell stories.  Each person on the video call could take turns reading a book or telling a short story to you (fiction or fact). Reading is a way to share bonding time that creates moments of learning, opening our minds, and sharing time together. All of this is worthwhile and memorable.


For the sixth and last suggestion, it is something we do with people when we are being thoughtful. It is the simplicity of just listening to a person’s day and commenting on what they have to say. It makes a loved one’s hearts feel great. Let us be that person who chooses to bring smiles and show love. It is important to show compassion for one another.

Love is everlasting and feels great in our hearts even when things are not convenient.

So, for now creativity, finding new ways to do things together, new routines together, getting to know each other in different ways, and just being there and listening all bring positivity and light to our spaces wherever we are. May your days apart still be together, exploring this new space, creating new stories and memories.