LOVE Baby Book Companion Art Craft

Try this fun LOVE themed craft to go along with Casey's latest book for babies. It's a great craft to bond with your little one and you end up with a really cool keepsake. Baby feet are adorable after all! You can also do this as a fingerprint art instead of footprints.

Here's how to create it. You'll need the following supplies:


  • Crayola washable kid paint
  • paintbrush or sponge
  • damp rag to wash off feet
  • light colored paper for background (this would look cute on canvas too)
  • Oval cut out eyes from white paper
  • black, brown, green, orange sharpies/markers
  • orange diamond shape for beak


  1. Sponge or use paintbrush of chosen Crayola washable kid paint color for your child’s foot to be the owl. Do one foot at a time and use damp cloth to clean off foot when done.
  2. Top of feet should touch and heels slightly together. It can be more then shown on this example.
  3. Allow paper to dry for 24 hours
  4. Use black marker to draw pupils on the eyes. You can add a color around the pupil if you’d like.
  5. Glue eyes onto inner balls of your child’s painted feet on the paper.
  6. Glue orange diamond (or use orange marker to draw one) between the eyes but under painted feet.
  7. Use orange marker to draw oval claws at your child’s painted on heel.
  8. Use brown marker to make a tree limb for owl to be perched one. Color it in.
  9. Add green leaves to the branch. Can turn leaves into hearts as example shows.
  10. Can use other markers to create other creatures you would see in the forest as fingerprint art.