Casey has 4 award winning children's books. Time Together, Time Well Spent! is her big debut, Love is Forever  has gained international attention, Come In: Open the Doors to You encourages children to try new things, & Imagination Bigger Together has just arrived!

Her passion has always been centered around children. Casey has actively been involved with children in sports and academics from preschool age to high school for over 25 years. These moments have added to her love of all things picture books, as who doesn't love a great story during some quiet time. In 2011, she finally decided it was a good time to start on her new creative outlet.


Casey has a Master's degree in Elementary Education from Montana State University. She is endorsed in early childhood and special needs. Casey has taught for many years. The last 5 years have been devoted to writing, reading, & sharing the love of these arts with children. 

Imagination Bigger Together

It's Finally Here!

 It is a children's book about friendship & imagination.  The book starts with a map & each page shows an explosion of imagination. Be ready for your child to be an explorer of their very own imagination!

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